APRIL 24, 2021

The slash culture has reached an all time high as creatives strive for multiple streams of income by tapping into numerous interests. Think a hustler or jack of all trades, the slash culture says fuck a traditional 9-5 and work 24 hour days focussing on projects ranging in category. The creatives of 2021 don’t limit their potential to a specific field but dive head first into opportunities available. “Everyone has different goals but if you’re a creative and want to get paid, it can be hard to navigate that without doing shit you don’t want to do” says rising Instagram “it-girl” Killla Kate who does it all.

Straying away from the influencer title and establishing a name for herself within the slash culture, Kate is a painter/fashion designer/creative director/public relations associate/part-time model. The Los Angeles-based creative was accepted to USC for art; she began selling her artwork via Instagram soon to be recognized by sexy swimwear guru Raven Tracy and commissioned to paint the BODY office space. Kate paints daily and posts her recent pieces on Instagram for purchase. By the end of this year she aims to have her first solo exhibition.


Known for her effortlessly hip sense of style and model-esque physique, Kate spent her last dollar to launch her fashion line titled AHN AHN—recently worn by R&B artist Coi Leray in her latest video “No More Parties.” The line was inspired by film director Wong Kar Wai’s costume design, Bōsōzoku culture, Japanese movie posters, and Kate’s personal style—a baggy looser look, Rei Kawakubo, together with early collections by Margiela and Prada. Within the realms of fashion, this go-getter also does PR for a London-based eyewear and candle company, a better feeling. “Aside from PR, I help with their wholesale. It’s a small company so I wear a lot of hats. This is one of my other side, side, side jobs.”

Kate explains how competitive the slash culture is and constantly trying to maximize her opportunities in order to fund her passions: art and sustainable clothing line AHN AHN.

This month’s gelbsy girl is taking over and this is only the beginning.