FEBRUARY 8, 2021

Women love fast cars, but what do we love more than fast cars? Seeing an ambitious woman enter a male dominated industry. Merging the gap between cars and fashion, New York-bred Julie Vigorito went from fashion blogger to social media strategist for high end car dealerships, boutiques, and collectors.

Her mission is to create a community for millennials and genZers who aren’t able to afford the latest Bentley coupe or classic Ferrari 4 Daytona but still appreciate the design. The polished Vigorito says “previous generations view cars as collector’s assets to drive, whereas our generation consider cars art pieces to admire.”

Through her experience as a project manager for the Miami Concours and car meetups, Vigorito has plans to create car events geared toward a younger demographic that incorporate artists, fashion brands for sale, and music.

“I’m not like most car girls. True car girls are racing and know the ins and outs about cars. They typically have the tomboy image. Although I’m not that type of car girl, I still appreciate cars as art and their aesthetics.”


The not-so-car-girl-car-girl doesn’t boast about her knowledge of cars, instead she posts the details of showstopping models. Scrolling through our gelbsy girl’s Instagram page you’ll find luxury automobiles that pop in color, lip liner, and a cozy chic approach to fashion.