BRIELLE founded in 2018 by Montreal-based designer and former Alpine ski racer Gabrielle Szynkarsky is a luxury clothing line worn by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, TEMS, Jade Thirwall, Lauren Jauregui and countless influencers.

Now what’s next for the talented, multifacted, high-end designer Gabrielle Szynkarsky and her label BRIELLE? Check out our extensive interview.


“If you stay close to yourself, you’ll inspire people and I think that’s beautiful”. Naomi Sharon is an influential, forward-thinking recording artist with an uncompromising vision of wild feminity in a spiritual landscape. We spent the day with her, capturing her thoughts on life, dreams and creative self-expression. 


When asked to interview Katie McIntyre we were surprised there wasn’t a plethora of articles written about her journey and the  work she’s created throughout her career. To learn more about Katie McIntyre, her ground-breaking work, and the women’s rights filter pack she created check out the gelbsy exclusive interview below:



“When people wear the clothes, I want to make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger than a clothing brand”. Pierre x Glebsy NOW LIVE. Hear Pierre talk about fashion, entrepreneurship and making it on your own.  




“Being able to see yourself as art - seeing your body and being proud of it - is so empowering and important.” Visual artist Kristen Lodu’s interview is NOW LIVE. Check it out to hear her talk art, emotional release and the power of celebrating your own body.


“I’ve always had a knack for making people feel good through the art of transformation,”. Makeup artist Jasmine Merinsky’s interview is NOW LIVE. Check it out to hear her talk beauty, diversity and perserverance in the face of your goals.


We are born into this world alone, but the relationships we build is what helps make the pains of life easier. The pandemic shocked the world and put everyone’s sanity to the test. “Left without goodbyes” touches on the aspect of being separated from our tumultuous and busy lives and to truly embrace the individualistic society we are truly a part of.

The pain and suffering we all went through alone is something we all felt together at once. It is our job to pick up the pieces, become stronger than before and build back what once was… but never forgotten.


The Creation of Earth. In difficult times where you are left but with 2 choices to let go or never let go - we created a character “Earth” to help guide you along the way. Earth is our saviour - a goddess in all her glory guided gelbsy to its salvation.