APRIL 7, 2021

While the pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives in a multitude of ways, Gabriela Pullmannova took this opportunity of uncertainty to transform her passions into a career. A former Holland-based dancer turned creative director and stylist, she collaborates with artists, like Naomi Sharon, dancers and others on sets, productions, photoshoots and more. Her creative side goes beyond the limits society sets for itself when defining art and design.

A content creator, designer, businesswoman, and a spiritual being - Gabriela Pullmannova’s goals include aligning her inner self (the seven chakras) to reach a balance that would exude into her work. This idea is absorbed and utilized by many inspirational leaders and has gained popularity in the last couple of years. The idea that one can think and manifest their dreams into reality is mind-blowing, yet, possible.


The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Vibrating on a positive level emanates an energy and state of being - happy, pure and in touch with one’s values. As we trail along on her journey of reaching alignment, an aura of glamorous mystery attaches to the concepts that Pullmannova follows. Moving from Budapest to Holland at a young age was a difficult step for her. The culture shock one goes through in order to adjust is a skillset she has utilized in her everyday life; adapting to different environments and scenarios to trudge through the difficulties of high-pressure work environments and creative deadlines.

A struggle she faces when working includes handling other designers’ ego, attitude and their belief they are better than others, which eventually overshadows the work. We have been swallowed in a technological and narcissistic “jungle” that is tainting the art world when in reality "design and creativity are all about uniting", as Pullmannova explains.

Gabriela Pullmannova survived a tragic accident resulting in a 2-day coma. This accident resulted in difficulty walking and having to change her career path. She truly used her inner strength and belief to heal herself and learnt to walk again. Individuals who have been thrown to the darkness, into the abyss without light, must learn to unchain themselves and walk out of the cave into the light, just as Gabriela Pullmannova achieved to do so.  This strength that resides in her soul is what drives her freelancing business as a stylist and creative director. Building her network and portfolio, Pullmannova has a large influence over the Holland residents.

Pullmonnova and I attempted to define the phenomenological structure of perception in order to understand the duality of mind and body; we further delved into soul alignment as a creative individual who constructs ideas and produces work that silently speaks to the audience on another frequency.

"The energy you put out comes back to you"

– the idea of not judging others is a basic rule that many need to be reminded of constantly. “Do not believe you are better than” - that sort of thinking allows for toxic energy to pollute our life.

She follows a traditional creative process that is reliable: from idea to mood board to the creation of the set, followed by detailing and logistics, before the finale. Her experience ranges from some impulsive projects to long-term detailed production contracts- all worked on with love and attention to detail.

We concluded: the problems you are trudging through are the difficulties you were unaware you brought forth into your life to reach your true blessings.
As our March Gelbsy Girl, we look forward to seeing more work from Gabriela Pullmonnova that transcends on a different frequency.