JANUARY 17, 2021

As a set designer who has worked on profound stages with well-known artists such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and The Weeknd, Es Devlin illustrates how the laws of physics, time and space, has always been a form of art that is manipulated by nature and artists. She works with fluidity, motion and our senses to breathe life into every spatial design and set.

Dominating the set design world, Devlin successfully calibrates projects that she works on to shift the attention from the set itself to how each individual perceives it from the angle they are placed at to view it. This depth of thinking creates intimacy between the individual and the environmental sculpture, which can only be done by visionaries like herself. Her ideas that flow from her mind to her projects have been touched by magic.

Life, as we know it, engulfs everyone into a constant state of hyper resonance. Es Devlin, known as the set designer of all set designers, replicates this age we live in through her art and profession; set design. This can also be seen in the images depicted below.


The power within designing a space and transporting the audience to an alternate universe lies within the hands of the designer. Devlin states, "designers have the power to influence and amaze their audiences into making these profound shifts...”.

Light is one of her most used mediums within her work. Using light constructively helps to manipulate the space and how it is perceived. Using the laws of nature and physics to construct beautiful sets and spaces into live sculptures and installations. - Devlin names them “stage sculptures.”

The quality of her work is deep, full and reverberating to the point where a bridge is created between design and altering spaces to transform the audience’s five senses. The immaculate detail of each ridge and component used within the set awakens a form of excitement in each viewer. Now view each image in detail and ask yourself what parts of each design make your heart skip a beat.